TECMA ARIES is an industry leader in end of packaging lines.

Both Tecma Pack and Aries Packaging are well established brands and our merger brings together the best of our know-how to serve and exceed your packaging needs:

  • Mechanization of corrugate
  • Overwrapping and cartoning
  • Case packing
  • Palletizing
  • Peripherals
  • Integration


The trust of major international customers since 1990 is explained by the added value created in the proposed solutions and by a business philosophy focused entirely on client expectations.

Our teams are customer focused and we strive to support your operation anywhere in the world.

We also rely on a network of local partners, chosen for their ability to provide relevant advice in defining projects and their ability to offer responsive technical support.


Created in 1992

Located in Rosières-près-Troyes (10) - France

Premises of 5,000 sqm (54,000 sqft)

100 employees

  • 2018: Development of a new flexible packing system
  • 2017: A new overwrapper for low speeds in the range


  • 2015: Development of applications for spirits, champagne and beer markets
  • 2014: Aries joined TECMA ARIES Group in April 2014
  • 2013: Development of full end of lines «single block»
  • 2009: Integration of robots Delta Aries
  • 2008: First robotized overwrapping lines
  • 2007: Development of compact robotized case packers
  • 2004: Aries Packaging integrates the american group Meadwestvaco
  • 2001: Acquisition of Cetra Packaging (case packers manufacturer)
  • 1998: Building of the plant located on the Aube Technology Park site
  • 1996: Development of vertical cartoners for bottles
  • 1993: Development of the first servo-motorized overwrappers
  • 1992: Foundation of ARIES PACKAGING in Bréviandes (10)


Created in 1990

Located in Coulommiers (77) - France

Premises of 11,000 sqm (118,000 sqft)

110 employees

History :
  • 2018: Partnership with a French supplier in a project of cartons forming, inserts placing, closing, packing & hood placing
  • 2017: Innovative concept of "Shrink Sleeve" placing in-line for preformed and thermoformed cups


  • 2015: Installation of the first pouches line
  • 2014: Development of the case packers with robot Delta 2
  • 2014: Creation of the US subsidiary EOL Solutions based in Minneapolis (MN)
  • 2014: Acquisition of Aries Packaging
  • 2012: Evolution towards robotized palletization
  • 2008: Development of COMPACT range of machines
  • 2007: Evolution of the formers range with the 3 axis former
  • 2002: Installation of the first bottles line
  • 1995: Launching of the first palletizer
  • 1990: Foundation of Tecma pack in Rebais (77)
  • 1990: Development of the first formers and case packers


Each of our both sites of production are organized as follows:

  • A Sales department shared between area sales managers and sales technical supports involved throughout the projects.
  • A Mechanical design department equipped with 3D softwares, designing equipments meeting production requirements and specific requests.
  • A Research & Development department, developing new equipments and new technologies to anticipate market requests.
  • A Purchasing department assuring the supply of parts manufactured by sub-contractors and out-of-shelves parts for all our equipments.
  • A team assuring the manufacture and the assembly, guaranteeing the quality of our machines, from mounting to fine tuning.
  • A Service team dedicated to the tuning in our workshops, the installation and the start up of our equipments, assuring as well the training of operators and maintenance technicians on our customers' sites.

Our US subsidiary, TECMA ARIES America (based in Dallas, TX) brings a support in term of sales, installation and maintenance of our equipments in North America and Canada.

Furthermore, a network of agents assuring sales and a technical support of our equipments represents TECMA ARIES worldwide.



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Tecma Aries is definitely looking towards the future, the technological innovation and a continuous improvement in our customers’ service.

At Tecma Aries, we do know that the success of our projects is based on commitment, open-mindedness as well as on our co-workers’ ambition.

With an international outlook since always (a very large % of our projects is for export), we encourage the diversity of ideas and cultures.

We constantly look for new talents to accompany our development in all the company departments: Mechanical Design, Electrical and Automation, Assembly, Cabling, Aftersales, Sales, Projects and Administration.

If you are one for a challenge, we have projects likely to motivate you and we would be pleased to meet you! Please send your CV and your cover letter at the following address: drh@tecma-aries.com

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