Spare parts

When a machine or an end of line is delivered, we transmit to our customers a spare parts list which can be ordered by E-mail using current addresses.

We guarantee a high reactivity in the supply of standard spare parts, available in our storeroom.


We are in a position to propose trainings on our customer's sites with a dedicated programme for operators and maintenance staff as well as specific training manuals.

Technical support

In case of problem, our after-sales teams or our software engineers can solve customer's problems quickly with a modem or come directly on their site.

Maintenance contract

On request, maintenance contracts can be studied and implemented according to your requirements.


Our equipments have to suit the market constant changes during their whole life. Our after-sales team is at the disposal of our customers to follow their machines modifications requests, for instance:

  • Size changes
  • Automation upgrade
  • Integration of new peripherals
  • Transfer to an other site
  • Maintenance / Overhaul
  • a.s.o.

Inspection visits are a prerequisite to the issue of an offer for modifications. We take this opportunity to propose improvements which aim is to optimize the performances of their ends of production lines.